The Artists’ Hang Out

Every month or so I meet up with a group of artists of all disciplines at The Artists Hangout in Foulridge.  Google for details! Anyway, as a direct result of this I have done a couple of artworks which a)wouldn’t have happened b) are a change of subject matter for me and c) have made me use a different approach/technique. The first is from when we were challenged to create a ‘leap’ for the Hangout on February 29th. I did it very quickly, from a photograph, in pen and ink. The fact that it is monochromatic and relied more on smearing/happy accidents etc has really changed my approach to what has come after. Having said that, the second one – the dead hare – although also pen and ink apears a lot tighter. However, I worked in a more instinctive and  painterly way than my previous pen and inks. If you look at the streamwalk pictures you will see what  I mean. I ended up doing a dead hare as ‘Mad March’ sprung up as an impromptu theme. As there were plenty of wonderful joyous hares leaping with gay abandon, I thought it would be a nice contrast to do something grittier.


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