Esp Lane in Snow


A group of four pictures on the same theme. I carried on exploring it as it interested me so much. I particularly liked the patterns of the branches. The first one I did was the large pastel which is the very greeny-blue one. I then did the square oil. My third one was the rectangular oil. I moved in closer to make more of the figure and the dog as well as the trees and branches. The last one is the main image which is a smallish – A3? – pastel. On this one I wanted it to be snowing which was something I had shied away from on the previous incarnations. I also wanted to get into the colour and pattern more closely.




















April 16th, 2012 by

3 responses to “Esp Lane in Snow”

  1. Esp Lane in Snow; we think this is beautiful, don’t alter it too much please! You really do have a splendid touch.

    We went to the Castle show last night, will send comments to you ‘ere long. Regards, Joy and Geoff.

    • We are now in 2012 (Hope you got our New Year greeting?) and we look forward to Sheep Rush II enhancing our Telfer collection when the time is right. We are also falling in love with the trees in the snow and the dog walker on the left of the picture and feel that may also be a fixture in our humble abode. Looking forward to when we visit you again and enjoy the immediacy of your splendid work in progress. You have to admit we are fervent worshippers at the shrine of Telfer. Good luck for the whole year. J and G.

  2. actelfer says:

    You always like the same ones as me! I will be in touch in the next few days regarding meeting up. Happy new year, Alyson

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