On the Easel October 2022

Currently working on these, though there are others that are unfinished but not being worked on. A definite Scottish bias in my studio at the moment. As soon as they are back on the easel they will appear here. All titles are working titles.

May 9th, 2021 by

4 responses to “On the Easel October 2022”

  1. Brian says:

    St.rong evocative work

  2. I love your work. You are painting what I often see and experience but can’t capture because I’m not an artist. Emotional connection to certain art works has kept me going during the strange times we are all enduring. I especially love Incoming. I saw and experienced a phenomenon very similar about 20 years ago but I was near Blackpool not Rathlin Island! It came in from the sea very quickly, we could see it heading inland towards us. We were in awe of what was going on, so much so we got soaked. I described it as a “squall” but have never known quite what it was meteorologically speaking. Your Incoming and Incoming II have captured something very similar to my amazing experience. How wonderful you can share what you see with the rest of us!

    • actelfer says:

      Yes, I got soaked too, but I didn’t mind, it was all part of the experience! I do like a good weather system! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it’s so nice to get this sort of feedback. Best wishes, Alyson.

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