On the Easel – February 2015

I haven’t posted much recently so I thought I would share what I’m working on at the moment. I have quite a few pictures that are in progress and heading towards ‘done’. This last stage takes longer than the initial burst as there are lots of pauses for thinking. The coast pictures are all from one afternoon at a beach in Wales. So, here they are. What do you think?

Acrylic on board approx 48" x 48"

Acrylic on board
approx 36″ x 36″


 Acrylic on Board approx 20" x 32"

Acrylic on Board
approx 20″ x 32″

Acrylic on board approx 22"x33"

Acrylic on board
approx 22″x33″


Beach V w.i.p Oil on Canvas 1m x 1m

Beach V w.i.p
Oil on Canvas
1m x 1m

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