Harry Wives

Oil on canvas
This painting is now sold, but is available as a signed giclee print from £12 for a ‘mini print’.

May 2012: Its had another session! Will it ever be finished?

February 2012: One day, I just thought about what this painting means to me, what I wanted it to feel like, and just went for it. Its getting there finally.

August 2011: Here is the latest. I think I am going to be at it for a while yet, I am still not happy. I might even end up abandoning it and starting another.

October 2010: This is a painting that I have had in my head since 1986/7 when I lived in Grasmere. We used to go for wee walks after the pub on fine nights. It is still at the splodging stage, Harry Wives is, as far as I can remember, the name of the hill in the foreground.


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