On the Easel – updated February 2021.

When I last updated this, we had just started Lockdown II – now we are onto number three. Everything comes in threes, from buses to lockdowns! I have a few paintings in mind that I want to start having a go at. Today I have been prepping boards and pressing on with a few of the below.

Its pretty cold in the studio at the moment; thermals, several jumpers, hat, fingerless gloves and a hot water bottle up my jumper help!

These are currently on my easel – some just started and some having the final tittivations. The last bit can last ages as I do a lot more thinking and looking than actual painting. A few pictures that were on here as ‘wips’ are now in a strange limbo land of ‘are they finished or not?’…hopefully they’ll appear in the completed and for sale section soon!

February 7th, 2020 by

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